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It's an incredible cue in looks and play. Thanks to Mike at Quality Cues for the cue (and the pics). Pete


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They are sort of rare

Mines in my avatar.

Let me see if I can find some pics.......


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Perry has moved

Just heard that he moved to South Carolina and is setting up shop there. A friend just called to inquire about refinishing his Weston and ordering another one. Several friends in Missoula in the late 90s shot with Perry's cues. Never heard any complaints!


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Weston Cues

Perry Weston Cues has moved to the east coast. His new location is in South Carolina just outside of Myrtle Beach. The new work shop is almost complete. With the help of his daughter and son in law that have joined the business, several new designs are forthcoming.

We are also creating a new website for Weston Cues. Please check it out at For more information please contact Perry at (501) 624-7164.

Again, we will have the new website up very soon.