Picked Up New Lomax Player Today!


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Here it is! New Steve Lomax player.

-Dark tulipwood forearm and butt - nicely figured
-Birdseye maple grip that also has a curly maple look to it
-Weight is 19 oz on the money
-3/8 x 10 join pin in matching brass to the rings
-Removable rubber stopper with custom 8" Terrebonne (sp?) extension

Steve was just fantastic throughout the entire process. Start to finish on the order was incredibly short due to a great variety of seasoned blanks to choose from and I felt lucky to find the two that I did, the rare dark tulipwood and the 'dual' maple. He made it a very easy process to discuss the ringwork choices and colors as well as joint pin options. I requested the balance to centered, neither forward, nor butt heavy and it's right on the money as well. The balance is so close to my cue I've been using for the last 20 or so years that you would need a gauge to tell the difference between the two. He had the tip selection I wanted in stock. The extension REALLY helps with my back and neck issues. This was just an absolutely fantastic process from start to finish. I want to thank Steve for working with me, and putting so much effort into making my first custom player so perfect right off of the lathe! Steve comes with my very highest of recommendations!

I think it's beautiful!


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Congrats sir ! Nice looking cue. I've never had the opportunity to play with one of Steve's cues but certainly hope I will in the future. He has an outstanding reputation !


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Last year I bought a Lomax jump cue super workmanship. I though then one day a custom from the man. I hope he makes it to the derby this year and brings his order book. :wink:


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A buddy of mine has a cue on order that will be jet black with some turquoise diamond inlays (I think buffalo wrap). I will make sure to have him post it or I can in another thread. It should be pretty sporty!


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Elegant and beautiful.

Someday I hope to own one myself. I love the extension too.



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I have owned a few of Steve's cues, they are all great to play with. Steve is a great guy and will go out of his way to help if you have any problems.
Al Autrey


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His jump cues are so easy to jump with and accurate they should be illegal lol


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That's one fine looking cue and a sweet extension to boot! I still get compliments on my Lomax all the time and yours will be no different.


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Nice looking cue, best of luck with it. Steve Lomax is great to deal with, quality product delivered on time with no hassles.