Pierce 4 Point 4 Veneer Ebony on Ebony


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Jim Pierce 4 point 4 Veneer Cue Ebony on Ebony Radial Pin Hoppe Ring (not ivory):

Butt: 29" 16.00 oz
Veneers: Maple, Brown, Blue & Purple
Shaft 1: 29" 12.80 MM 4.1 oz (bowling alley shaft) Kamui SS Clear Tip
Shaft 2: 29" 12.70 MM 3.9 oz (bowling alley shaft) Kamui SS Clear Tip
Shaft 3: 29" 12.70 MM 3.75 oz (est) Bob Danielson SS360/2 shaft) Kamui SS Clear Tip
Leather Wrap
Matching joint protectors 3 pcs set (made by Sowder Custom Cues) The 4th joint protector is just a standard plastic one.
10" Extension (made by Sowder Custom Cues)
I believe all the white in this cue not ivory.

Cue is in excellent condition with no dings or finish flaws. Everything is straight together or apart. The purple veneer is neat and only shows up under brighter light (pool table light for example). I bought this from the original owner who designed the veneers. 1,250.00 shipped with all three shafts. 1,100.00 with the 2 bowling alley shafts only. Please see my I-Trader rating and buy with confidence. If for any reason you don't like the cue you can send it back within 2 days via Priority Mail and insured for 1,250.00 (or 1,100.00).


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