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Play The Game clothing One Pocket "Original" Line of Billiard Apparel. Ladies and Gentlemen, we just wanted to keep you updated on how far we've come . Our line is quickly moving across the United States. We are moving alot of this particular design, which is silk screened and embroidered on several style clothing. Our goal from the start was simple, To design a Billiard Apparel line that would show the billiard community and the public the beauty of the sport thru our designs, and quality clothing. At the same time doing our part to improve the image of Billiards. With all the positive feedback and sales from across the country ,we will continue to produce a product that represents the game in a professional manner as other sports are represented. The photo's i'm attaching shows our"Original"one pocket line. Your opinion is important to us. Feel free to comment. Thanks Frank (aka The baby).

Designed By A Player, Worn By Players!


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