played a really good kid tonight, held my own


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i played this kid before at the pool hall, and he killed me. but this was maybe three months ago. we played nine ball, and i did not win a game. nice kid, very friendly. so i was at the pool hall tonight, (because its 4 dollars a hour on wednesdays) and the kid walks in. i asked him to play a few games, and he said sure.

(i have really really worked on my 9 ball game in the three months cents we played, so i was a little nervous, but i knew things would be different this time)

i not only held my own, but i got three games from him!!! i did not miss a shot, he had me beat on safety play, as i dont work on that part of my game yet. it was a very good feeling to beat him a few games.

and the last game i had the winning set up, all lined up, but i missed a long shot that will haunt me tonight as i try to sleep. object ball was close to the far corner pocket cue ball on the other short rail, all i had to do was get to the middle of the table for my next shot, and i came up really short. i blew it.

im very excited for practice tomorrow. who would have thought that a old mutt like me could fall in love at age 62?????? and not with another woman, with pool:embarrassed2::embarrassed2::embarrassed2::embarrassed2::embarrassed2::embarrassed2::embarrassed2::embarrassed2::embarrassed2::embarrassed2::embarrassed2:


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Play that kid as much as possible- learn from his safety game, this is obviously a motivator for you and his speed is a good measurement vehicle for you to gauge your improvement- try to match with him once every week if he is agreeable, or just find out what times he is usually there playing- playing him once a week and practicing on your own in between will help you improve much more quickly. Get some sleep after you play him and the NEXT day review the entire match mentally for what you did right and what you did wrong- and what HE did right- incorporate that into your practice sessions.