Players FS: Bender, Sly, Sumrall, Nitti, Kanaka & TS shaft


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All tip measurements are where the ferrule and shaft meet. Please email me at midas mulligan rei using gmail. I can take pictures of whatever you need. Please ask any questions. Everything is priced shipped, payment needs to be Paypal as a gift. Some prices are firm and some are OBO. I will not sell the jump cue separately, only in addition to another cue. I planned on loading pictures of the cues individually in new posts but the site will not let me. Please email me for specific pictures. Only willing to trade for a Bender sneaky.

From top to bottom.

Tim Scrugss Shaft $115
I am 99% sure this is a TS shaft. It has a piloted Joss Pin (5/6x14 I think). Slight taper roll. Tip and ferrule stay put
4.3 oz 13.02mm at tip

Sly sneaky $325
Both shafts have ivory ferrules. I has a cocobolo joint I think. You can feel the points raised. There is a nick near the buttcap and there are a few blemishes. Shaft one has two scratches in the ferrule as pictured. Slight taper rolls. Tip, ferrule and joint stay on table.
Butt-14.6 oz Radial Pin
Shaft 1- 3.7 oz and 12.94 mm
Shaft 2- 3.8 oz and 12.76 mm

Bender $1050
This is made from a Davis blank and is test hit only. One shaft is from a standard Bender made cue (this shaft has been played with). It has an ivory ferrule. The Bender shaft has a problem with the joint. It gets EXTREMELY tight about half way down. I am afraid to keep screwing it in. If you do not want this shaft I will sell the rest for 1000. Slight taper rolls. Rolls good together.
Butt- 15 oz Bender Pin
Bender shaft- 3.91 oz and 12.84 mm
Shaft 2- 3.8 oz and 13.03 mm
Shaft 3- 4.0 oz and 13.08 mm

2004 Nitti $575
Basically brand new. Has a weight bolt. I have hit a few racks with it and it hits awesome. I used a Nitti sneaky as my everyday player for about 5 years until I bought a Bender finished Davis blank (it is the Bender for sale's twin brother). Nitti cues play great. You can feel some raised areas on the shafts. It feels like there is caked chalk there. I do not like to use sand paper on shafts so I will leave this up to the new owner. Also, one of the shafts and the joint have some finish imperfections. These are both within 1 mm of where the joint and shaft touch. One shaft is nearly arrow straight. The other has s slight roll which when screwed together causes the joint to lift.
Butt- 15.6 oz Radial pin
Shaft 1- 3.7 oz and 13.04 mm
Shaft 2- 3.7 oz and 13.1 mm

Paul Sumrall $175
This cue is about 60". The half joint is ivory and I am fairly sure the buttcap is ivory as well. There are a few nicks and the bottom of the buttcap is well chipped. The wrap is also imperfect as shown in the pictures. I used this cue with a Bobby Hunter shaft. Suprisingly straight. Slight roll of course. Joint and ferrule stay on table when rolled.
Butt- 14.5 oz 3/8x10 pin
Shaft- 3.5 oz and 12.02 mm

Kanaka Creek SOLD
This is a Dymondwood cue. There are a few scratches on the buttcap only. You can feel where the ferrule and shaft meet.
Butt- 15.2 oz 3/8x10 pin
Shaft- 3.8-3.9oz and 12.98 mm.

Jump cue $30
Standard J&J or players just cue. There is a nick in the buttcap as pictured. I will only sell this along with another cue.


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Pictures of sly

Here are some pictures of the Sly sneaky. The Kanaka creek has been sold.


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