Players HXT 12.75 REVIEW


AzB Silver Member
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So I purchased a Player HXT shaft. This shaft is for an old spare cue (bar cue). I usually play with low deflection Jacoby or OB shafts, among trying Predator, Tiger ect. (they will be my comparison).

1). Ebay (Nielson Billiards) had on on sale for under $100.00.
2). The shaft comes with a decent medium layered tip.
3). The shaft is indeed low deflection (using one tip of english out from the center) no adjustment was needed compared to my other shafts.
4). The HXT shaft is legit.

1). The taper of this shaft was not as pro, but more of a slow rise taper (felt a little bulky).
2). Not quite as solid a hit as OB classic or Jacoby.

I would compete with this shaft as is and for $100.00 (lifetime warranty against warpage), the HXT is hard to beat.