players new pool cue



are players cues decent for their price range(60-100?). if so which of their models do yall reccommend. i'm looking to buy a nice/decent first cue. thanks


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For that price range I can recommend the players cues. I have never stroked a fury, so I am ignorant of the way they hit.


Both Players and Lucassi make nice cues for the money. With-in each price range, they all seem to hit about the same to me. Once you set on a price range, choose the cue that you find most attractive......then have a good tip installed and let it rip.


I have a players cue that I have had for a while, I dont use it as an every day cue, it is mostly a break cue for me. But occasionally I pull it out and stroke with it and for the price it plays quite nice. It actually has a better hit/feel than a lot of higher end cues I have hit with, at least in my opinion that is.

Some folks might say ewww it sucks but if oyu like the feel and such of it than it is a good deal at what ever price you pay for it as long as you are happy.