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My aiming system ( taught to me by a world champ years ago ) is designed for LD shafts. I play with a Revo but I can play ok with any LD shaft. I can't play with a house cue or standard maple without adjusting my aim. I've tested this many times. On a barbox I'm sort of okay. On a 9' playing rotation there's a night and day difference between my Revo and a house cue. I'm not remotely the same player.

I could learn to play with a house cue, I'm guessing it would take me a week or two. I'm not interested in trying because I'm so good with my aiming system I don't want to mess with it. Your brain memorizes every make and miss, I don't want to confuse my brain with wrong info. I'd say equipment matters 2-5%. I've tried my Revo with 8 different butts and they all felt different and I can tell the difference. It's harder to play with a 21oz. Just under 19 feels best to me. They say the tip is most important. I can feel a world of difference playing with a soft vs medium but it won't affect my game, I can adjust easily. Adjusting to a non LD shaft would be a nightmare. I'm shooting with a Runde butt right now and was thinking about picking up a JW butt but that would be for fun, I wouldn't expect that to affect my game much. LD vs Standard is super important. If I was starting from scratch I'd pick standard but it's too late for me now. Also without the glove I'm not nearly as strong even with the smooth revo ( yes I've tested this ). Also rotation on slow 9 footers can be challenging for me. The table makes a big difference too. Slow worn out felt uneven 20 year old global barbox with really dark lighting and a giant cb and I'm beatable. Proper Diamond 7' footer and I'm a whole other player. Equipment matters. Even chalk does. I've seen chalk ( some weird brand I've never heard of ) no matter how much of that chalk you properly apply you'll miscue. Night and day difference between that chalk and masters. Masters vs predator vs diamond don't matter much though. People who say equipment don't matter are the people who think 1 - 2 balls ahead and they are satisfied. You gotta play with the best equipment you can. You gotta study the entire rack. Etc.
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For me cue made difference. Since I got my DZ Dzuricky sneaky pete I was always in top 3 at the end of the league, as soon as i switch or test other cue I drop under 5. Cue does help a bit


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I play with what I like. Does it help me win, I would say yes from a confidence stand point. Can I still play essentially the same, yes. I’ve owned hundreds of cues, because I like trying out cues, and for the most part all of them played fine. Couple sucked badly.

I don’t buy many cues these days, just what I like to play with.