Playing Pool vs Time Spent Online


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I have said for years the worst thing(on the long list of things) to happen to pool was NOT poker, its the internet. Its a cheaper date than playing pool, and that with the property value boom, pool costs too much $$ to play now compared to 25 years ago. Makes it difficult for kids on short $ to play pool when online stuff is MUCH less $$. Thats tough to fade, Forget pool on TV, fix that problem(the competition the internet is causing for how people spend their time), then there is really something to talk about-i got no solutions. Do you? i'd love to hear them. Thats the real solution to all this BS we been grinding on for the past few months here.

I just read a article that expressed my thoughts better than I could(need to keep working on my writing skills)

Here is what I read:

209 million Americans spent an average 29 hours online in January, according to Nielsen; 145 million U.S. Facebook visitors spent an average six hours in January on that site alone. And each month, YouTube users spend 6 billion hours watching videos—or 684,000 times as long as it took to paint the Sistine Chapel. They pay for the PC and Internet connection, but per hour, surfing the Web is a cheap form of entertainment.

The whole article:

It also says people who spend lots of time online are not as happy as people who don't, and I believe that, look around here. The misery level seems to be growing for some. And truthfully I aint all that happy-health reasons primarily. I'd rather be at the gym.

interesting stuff, where is the world going? FB and YouTube? wow, we watch more than participate now, actually since TV-its in the article, 2nd page is the best part of it BTW.
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Don't forget, nowdays more people play pool somewhere other than a pool hall (at home, in bars, etc)