playing the ghost


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i stopped playing the ghost about 3 months ago after i couldnt beat it on my buddies GC with 4.5 inch pockets, the pocket size wasnt the big issue, he had diamond rails put on it and it plays too fast really,he even agrees it does,hes going to change to artimus cushions. Anyways i beat the 9 ball ghost on another GC with 5 inch pockets a few months ago in a race to 9, couldnt beat the ghost on the halls 9ft diamond either,the best i could do is get to 6. Well tonight i finally beat the 9ball ghost on the 9ft diamond, i have finally did it after trying a dozen times,its a good feeling,knowing you ran at least 9 out of 17 racks,and actually missed about 3 easy racks and a couple right at the 8. Glad to get that monkey off my I noticed tonight that i was breaking and parking the cueball in the middle of the table about every break too,even tho i took bih afterwards, it still felt good to have the cueball controlled so well when breaking, not hitting it super hard just a nice pop