Please Help ID This Beautiful Pool Table


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Right place, right time. Owners sold their (multi-million $) home and just wanted the pool table removed, so now it's mine. They did not provide me any information about the pool table-nor have any. There is no placard, nothing to show ID. 1" 3 piece slate, 9ft table. The pictures don't do it justice. The carving detail and shine on this table is exquisite. Does anyone have any idea who the manufacturer could be?

Appreciate your helpful insight!


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Not getting a vibe that it is particularly old.
Post clear photos of some of the underside slate & structure.



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I agree with Ssonerai, not old at all. The fact that there is no ID plate makes me believe it's an Asian import. Just about anyone else building tables will most definitely put their ID plate on it.

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This is a WAG (wild-ass guess), but there was an outfit in Zimbabwe called Wilson International that made carved pool tables of African woods. Many of them used to be sold here under the "Presidential"name, but it looks like Presidential is mainly selling simple (i.e. "modern") Asian imports now. But that looks like it possibly might have been one of the old Wilson-sourced Presidential models. Idea: find some longtime Presidential dealers and send them pictures, see if they recognize it.

That's the best I can do....