Please help identify. Possible Play Master.


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We recently purchased a home that has a pool table in it. We aren't pool players and would like to sell it, but we have no idea what it is worth. It does have a PlayMaster tag on it, but the tag is upside down and we can't find any photos of anything that looks like this table so we are wondering if it's just cobbled together. The base and legs are several different types of wood. The pockets are some sort of neoprene type material. The tan cover appears to be newly added. Its 8'4" by 4'8". The slate looks gray to us, but we cant tell if its one piece or several. There are 4 bracers under the slate, we assume thats where the joints are if there are any. And well, we just can't figure it out. Please help! Resized_20220817_113011.jpegResized_20220817_113138.jpegResized_20220817_113034.jpegResized_20220817_113600.jpegResized_20220817_113103.jpeg


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I read that before I posted. I've actually done quite a bit of searching, trying to narrow down what it might be. Do you think it is really a Play Master?
The upside down tag makes me think someone just slapped it on there.
looks like one. ok table. nothing to write home about. worth 3-400tops. if someone would break it down and haul it i'd give it to them.