Pondering a Sale of My Collection


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I'm thinking about letting a majority of my cues go. I'd be up for selling as a collection or as one-offs.

I will be keeping a few on hand, but at this point I don't really need so many hanging around being under appreciated. I don't play much any more and chasing down what I liked and acquiring them was a lot of fun. A big nod to Worminator there for all the education and help!

Will be posting up-to-date pics over the course of this week. For those of you that know the cues I have, feel free to message me. Thanks.

Short list to name a few are: Tascarella, fancy Schick, Murrells, High-end Mottey and JMWs, maybe a Hercek.

Lastly, I won't be giving them away, so please don't waste our time with ridiculous offers. I don't need to sell them for a quick buck, so there won't be any fire selling. I'd rather put them in the closet forever than do that. Please don't waste time asking for trades – I'm not interested no matter what cue you're offering. Not trying to be rude, just being straightforward.
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