Pool & 3C Players?


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Deno, How many pro or top notch pool players that you know of frequent 3 cushion tournaments?

I'm not sure if you ever knew Gary Spaeth? He played all games extremely well. I remember watching him play on the Billiard table at Beechmont Billiards in Cincinnati, OH inbetween matches. I'm not sure of his high run but it was up there I'm sure.

Deno J. Andrews

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Very few. In the last 30 years, there have not been many pool players who play billiards well, if at all. Efren is the exception, and he plays billiards quite well. Keep in mind that when pool players watch other pool players playing billiards, they tend to be really impressed. However, if you look at their averages, these players typically don't play very well. The same is true when billiard players watch each other play pool. Others have been impressed with my two and three rail position on many shots...but then I have to explain to them that my position play is that of a sucker :) In my experience, we (being pool or billiard players) have no frame of reference really when it comes to the other games.

I have heard that Spaeth played decent billiards, though I never saw him play. Also keep in mind that high run is no real measure of how good someone plays. More important is the per-inning average.

Deno Andrews