Pool game played by retired Canadians.


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20 years ago I played pool at a retirement community on vacation. The game involved scoring points by pocketing balls, but I think each pocket was worth different points. 1,2,3,5,10,15? Anyone have a clue?

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I believe it was a game called 101.
To win, you had to score 101 exactly....if you went over, you started at zero again.


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Sounds like a version of Russian. We play to 100 exactly and if you go over you go back to zero. When you scratch you lose all points earned during that visit to the table.


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At the Royal Canadian Legion we sometimes play dart billiards. Its the same scoring as British Darts. You start with a score of 501 and have to work yourself down to 0 ( exactly 0). Game can also start at 301.

Balls have a value of 1 to 15 according to their number. Balls going into the corner pockets have their value subtracted from 501. Balls going into the side pocket double the value of the number on the ball. Again the number is subtracted from the total.

Once all the balls are pocketed, they are re-racked. Balls are racked until the winner reduces his score to exactly 0.

If you sink a ball, you continue shooting for three times. Then the other player is at the table. If you miss a ball the other player shoots.

Unlike darts you can dip below 0 and then go back up to 0. For instance if you are 4 you can sink a 6 ( be at 2) and the sink a 2 to be at 0. Scratches are ball in hand.

There are added quirks ...too many to mention. However one is the last ball left before rerack. It must not be left further from a pocket than when the shooter hits it or the other player gets the points. This ends a frame quickly rather than endless safeties against rails.
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