Pool Pros Banned from Playing?

bud green

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After reading about one of the top three cushion players, Marco Zanetti, being given a "lifetime ban" in the three cushion section, I started wondering if any pool player in the US has been given the same treatment.

Zanetti insulted a ref I guess. Semih Sayginer can't play in world events because of disputes between him and the Turkish billiard federation or some nonsense. Thats two of the absolute best players in the world not able to play.

Link to Zanetti thread (#6), my post afterwards has link to Kozoom interview with Marco: http://forums.azbilliards.com/showthread.php?t=214978


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As I understand it, Zanetti is not barred from playing, but the penalty of 50 ranking points will be applied "for life'.



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Who would ban them? There is no comprehensive governing body in men's pool with any real control. That is one of the things holding back pool's development.