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Here's a few pix of the pool room that I've been slaving over since September. These shots are a couple of months behind, but it took me that long just to figure out how to post em! Room's actually sealed now, but still needs wall coverings. And an industrial cleanup crew. And a bar, for sure.
It measures 23x23.


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Travis Bickle

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Guess condition of the room is mighty rough in these pictures. One thing that was tough in doing the project was working around the garage door overhang.

I decided not to mess with ripping that out and wanted to keep the option of using the garage door, so new inside wall (shown partially done -- 16 feet across) fits underneath the frame and stands about 7 1/2 feet from floor of the pool room. Had to lower ceiling by 1 1/2 feet at that end. Still door can't open further than the edge of the wall because there's insulation up there now.

My wife's been lobbying for a big window in the back wall, which was sheetrocked by a former owner before HIS wife went nuts up there and, I'm told, one day went running screaming down the mountain.

My answer has been "maybe" but I'm really thinking of Gleason's line in "The Hustler" ... "Shut out that goddamned sunlight!"
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Be careful with the sunlight, yeah, you don't want a big ol' line of light across the table. Then again, nothing a good set of curtains couldn't fix anyway.

Travis Bickle

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Newer pictures just dropped off to be developed. I'll inflict them on the board next week, I guess.

And yeah, I think a little light goes a long way in a pool room, Iacas.

As it is now, there's just the one 2x3 window facing west, and it's about 5 feet behind the table. I've got 2 others facing east directly opposite the table, but don't guess I'll be shooting all that much in the a.m. And anyway, there's a mountain over there and a bunch of trees, so it should stay on the dim side, just like the builder.:D