Pool table rails and felt


I have a 7 ft. dynamo coin op table..i am wanting to refelt the table and put new rails on it. Im wondering on the difference between mercury ultra cloth and simonis..i know simonis is the best but they say mercury ultra is just as good but quite a bit cheaper..i need some opinions?? I am also wanting some opinions on rails..i was looking at k66 rails. How are those?? i also know ridgeback rails are really good..I need some help so i can get the best play out of my table but for a little bit cheaper price....Thank you in advance for any input..


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For the best info and mechanic recommendations go to the talk to a mechanic sub-forum. I. Just redid my 8' Dynamo with ridgeback rails and Titan Brite. Very happy with the results, don't think K66, or accufast will fit i could be wrong.


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If you are playing league or tournaments on green skin tables go with the Mercury but if you are going to BCA in Vegas go with the Simonis. Mercury is really fast for the first month but eventually slows down enough to keep speed more in line with most bar tables. Simonis is more expensive but will last longer. By keeping the felt type and speed on your home table more consistent with the type of tables you play on in league, tournaments and gambling will make it easier to adjust to the speed and other intangibles of those tables.