Poolplayers and their pets(hopefully a feel good thread)


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Happy Happy Doggy. My Honeydogs first swim of the year.


Swim for the win.
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I have 900 pictures of my pets and 1 of my wife,, the wife is on my phone wallpaper,,,wearing chest waders, fishing.
Louie is a Catahoula Bulldog, my shadow, step for step, every move I make he is at my knee, our cat would follow like a conga line.
Louie and my cat Jazzy were inseparable. After Jazzy died my sister had a pillow made with their photo. Wherever he
sleeps he takes his pillow, it's amazing to see. One of the most athletic dogs I've ever seen.
CJ is an American Dingo, she will stare at that oreo for a month until you give her the signal, she's just a quiet dog. She lays at the gate just staring and waiting to escape, which she has. She just wants to explore the world.
All rescue pets.

IMG_0362.JPGLouie & Jasper.JPG

Hello.jpg Buddies.JPGCJ.JPG
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dogs are too much work like having another child to raise, although i do love pugs and frenchies

cats is where im at
killer outdoor cats

Being single I don't want to have to worry about feeding an animal, especially a dog, I like the freedom of not having to worry about going home.

I have seriously been thinking about getting a cat though. I grew up with outdoor cats and always had one until about 4 years ago. Gotta get approval from the landlord first, but maybe this summer.


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What type of pup is this? The wife and I are looking. :)
It’s a Yorkshire Terrier with a haircut called a “puppy cut.” I like keeping the hair short. The Yorkie is hypoallergenic and does not shed. They live a long time. Don’t go for the Yorkies some call “Teacups.” They are bred too small and often have health problems.