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Very interesting piece of history. This is why today's cancel culture is so dangerous. We have to embrace our history and learn from it. It started with some uncomfortable origins but that isn't what it is today.
Also the pool hall drawings aren't very realistic, there are no bar tables three feet away from the pool table to clunk your stick into.


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Thanks, enjoyed this.

Re The numbers of pool halls.

We were in Shanghai in 2016 playing ?Snooker. . Billiards ‘everywhere’. Apparently over 1700 hundred billiard establishments. However, ,Per capita certainly not nearly as many as The 800 in Chicago a hundred years ago. We can only imagine how big a part of American culture it must have been.

re the cueballs . I drop into Value Village and buy vintage ball sets and cues. Have a few Bakelite sets but my goal is to find an ivory ball. Fun is as much in the hunt for an ivory ball as actually finding one. My guess is they get tossed out as few people would recognize one for what it is.