'POV X' @ California Billiards: 9-Ball/One-Pocket - $5K Added / OCT 8th-10th, 2021


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Join POV Pool and friends, to celebrate our 10-year anniversary event at California Billiards in Fremont with two action-packed tournaments:

We are still taking entries up to the day of the tournaments! Everyone who enters gets a free gift! Giveaways and prizes all weekend!

FRIDAY @ 1pm PST - $1,000 Added 9-Ball / Open to 16 / $350 entry fee
Sat/Sun @ 12pm PST - $4,000 Added One-Pocket / Open to 64 / $85 entry fee

Watch it 'LIVE' & FREE on POVPOOL's YouTube Channel

Stream Schedule:
Friday, 11:30am PST - STREAM LINK
Saturday, 12pm PST - STREAM LINK
Sunday, 12pm PST - STREAM LINK

Brackets and Tournaments results on
- 9-Ball
- One-Pocket

Special Thanks to: WestStateBilliards, TigerProducts, JB Cases, California Billiards, AZ Billiards, OnePocket.org, GoPlayPool, HolidayInnExpress and, BayAreaPoolMasters


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POV Pool
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FINALS today! Tune in and join us with John Barton, Ron Lillies, Jerry Matchin, Dan Louie and more special guests covering the 'Best of the West' of one pocket players!

Keep Loving Pool!


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Did you stop streaming after midnight?

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