'POV X' event, on the horizon! OCT 8-10


POV Pool
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POV Pool will be celebrating ten years on the streaming circuit and we are still taking entries. I would also like to thank AZ Billiards for their support. We will be giving away a few, AZB 'Gold Memberships' during our live broadcast of this event! We will also be putting a few 'pool' rockstars on the mic - Join us for the fun!

To get your entry in: Call 510-668-1670

Special Thanks to: California Billiards, West State Billiards, Tiger Products, JB Cases, Simonis Cloth, Digital Pool, GoPlayPool, AZ Billiards, OnePocket .org

Event Press Release: 'POV X'
Digital Pool: 9-Ball / One-Pocket
FACEBOOK Event Page: Point Of View Pool Media
POV Pool on YouTube: POVPOOL
Holiday Inn Express Hotel Bookings: PROMO RATE



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Rock on POV Pool! The Abhorrent Chef approves. I’ve been getting sucked back into pool lately. I’ll tune in as I can