"POV X" - POV Pool's 10th Anniversary Tournaments! OCT 8th-10th!


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Well, it certainly has been a long and arduous road promoting cue-sports for a decade and, I am truly grateful to all the the friends I've made along the way. In short, being a live-streamer has had it's ups, downs and surprises that I would have never expected, if I were just working a cubicle at some Hollywood Studio that I was destined for. In just almost 10 years, I have gone from being one of the few gigs in town to, just another small fish in a rather big pond (of other streamers) but through it all, I am very happy!

Why am I happy?

Because POV Pool was able to fill a rather deep void during a time when pool was being passed up by the networks (and still is). When the world needed cue-sports; POV Pool was able to deliver billiard media to the masses (FOR FREE). For that I am proud; for that I am satisfied. And most of all, I found the love of my life who became in integral part of this company's image and operations. Thank you to Geraldine Thibodeau!

Keep Loving Pool!

Join us this October at California Billiards or on YouTube!
Lots of giveaways and action!

October 8th-10th
POVPOOL's 10th Anniversary event!
- 9-Ball 'Hi-Roller Tournament' (Open only to 16 players)
- 1-Pocket Tournament (Open to 64 players)
$5,000 added TOTAL (NO GREEN FEES)

Thanks to:
- California Billiards
- Tiger Products
- West State Billiards
- JB Cases
- Digital Pool
- Simonis Cloth
- GoPlayPool
- OnePocket .org
- AZ Billiards

A special 'Thanks' goes out to Mike Howerton and AZ Billiards who are allowing us to giveaway a few 'Gold' memberships to viewers of the live stream of this event!
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