Practice 8/9/10 ball pool with a carom table


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Hello all.

I have both 9’ pool table and 10’ carom table at my place where I shoot with friends over the weekends. But I only have a 10’ carom table at home.

I’ve started playing carom for a while now (35+ years), but only on-n-off so I haven’t improved that much. However, the main point is to have fun and play with friends.

For the last year or so, I set up the pool table as well and my friend who’s a resident at the table location is practicing very often. So I’d also like to practice a little bit at home to not falling behind him too much 🤣.

Changing table is not an option of course. And I don’t have room at home for a second table neither. :). I also know there’s a carom pocket insert. But again, mine is carom table and I don’t plan to convert it to a 10’ pool table. 🤓

Please advise on some drills/methods, if any, so I can get some practice in.

I was thinking maybe building a L-shaped setup with a corner and a side pocket for target shooting. But for position practice, it might be tough because the cushion height is different.

I know it’s not ideal. But I’d really like to practice at home for both games (carom and pool).

Thanks in advance.


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I am not a instructor, but what I would recommend is focus more on the second ball meaning
practice shooting the second ball to a specific target rather than an area
and then play the cue ball to position to a certain place
Your knowledge of caroms should help your position play
what you can’t practice on the billiard table is pocketing balls
use the corners and the fourth diamond on the long rail (as the side pockets ) as your pockets
playing with the Billiard balls and then going to the pool balls is already something you are used to
just to be clear i would practice with the billiard balls not the pool balls as the rail to ball height difference using the pool balls might give you false feedback regarding cue ball position paths
i dont know for sure
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I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you really can't practice pool on a carom table. You'll be wasting unnecessary time and energy trying. Your best bet is to find another location with a pool table where you can practice without your friend.

If there's no other pool table around, then you can just play carom billiards at home and try to improve your skills. There will be some benefits that will carry over to pool if you improve your carom game.
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