Precision Vise 440C SS 57-60c tolerances within .0002”

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I have a large custom fabricated edm vise originally made
to work for 3r systems but i'm sure it can be used for other
applications. My father, an old tool and die guy that ran the
tool room for Dialight/North American Phillips for many years
is its creator, retired a while back and has no current need for it.

any interest or need? (i sold its little brother(1/2 the size)
last year for about a grand) i'll consider all fair offers.

Wire EDM vise
440C stainless heat treated 57-60c hardness
tolerances within .0002”
dimensions: 31cm x 5cm x 3cm (the jaws are 7.5cm tall, base is 3cm)
weight 10.5 lbs



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