Predator 1st Generation v. 2nd Generation

Depends who's talking. Those who own (or are selling) an older 314 will tell you they're the best thing since sliced bread.

Meanwhile, 314-2s sell by the bucketload.


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One of the main points of a laminated shaft like predator is consistency, not low deflection. You can buy a whole bunch of predator 314 shafts put them on different cues and get the same 'feel. The 314-2 has been 'improved' for low deflection. I think those who got used to 314, would rather not change.

I see it in the context of new coke, classic coke. If enough people complain, maybe Predator will re-introduce the 314-1st generation.


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From what I was told, the first generation shafts were made in North America, I believe it was completed in Jacksonville FL. The second generation shafts are made overseas in Asia somewhere (heard conflicting countries, China or Taiwan). One of the big differences is the quality of the wood in the first generation shafts, they were much better, and made of wood "spines" for each splice, the news one may not be consistent. The second generation shafts tends to warp easier because they were made overseas where there are different humidity levels, and when shipped here, warps due to the environmental differences.


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Skimming the 'bay and found this item...

Predator 314 1st Generation 3/8x10 Shaft

And the price (as I'm posting this) is up to $202.50.

But, you can buy a NEW, 2nd generation shaft for $233.

Predator 314² Shaft - 29", 3/8x10

Is there that significant of a difference between the first and second generations ??

One that would warrant paying almost the same price as a new one ??


The 1st gen 314's play MUCH BETTER than the 314-2.
I have bought 6+ 1st gen 314's and usually pay about 200 for each...for CLEAN, NEW LIKE SHAFTS.

they're worth much more IMO than the new ones. They play much like the feel of a solid maple shaft. The new ones have a dead, hollow, feel that is not desirable. The 1st gen shafts are getting harder to find, and in CLEAN condition, they're really hard to find, so 200 is a bargain, considering it costs 230.00 to buy a crappy 314-2.
I have 314's and 314-2's ...been playing with them almost 20 years. I can't stand the new ones.

Just my .02
...or my 200 dollars, lol


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314 shafts

I bought two new 314 shafts to use on my Schon butt about 7 years ago. I loved using them. They are still straight, no warp at all. I thought about buying the new 314 2 shaft buy read bad things about them and did not buy one. My .02 worth.


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I own 314 and 324-2 shafts and when the 314-2 shafts came out I figured they were improved and better so I bought a couple of them. I played with the 314-2 shafts for quite a while and recently i put one of the original 314 shafts on my cue just to see how it compared and I forgot how well those shafts played. I put my 314-2 shafts back In the case and I'm going to use my 314 shafts now. I think they are much closer to the feel of a solid maple shaft and you still get almost as much low deflection.



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314's IMO are better than 314-2!

I have been thinking about the comparison of these shafts for a while now. I perceive that I play better with the 314's than the 314-2's. Maybe this is in my head but my empirical perception is that this assertion is true. I feel I have noticed that I make more long range cut shots with the 314 than with the 314-2 (low right or low left depending on the side). I think the literature indicated the 314-2 has less deflection than the 314 and I am just use to more deflection. BTW - I have a Lucasi with a maple shaft and a pro taper that I use to break with that I feel rivals the 314 and I play pretty well with. I have been looking for more 314 cat shafts with uniloc but I cannot find any locally (ma) and I have put of the word. Am I nutz or is there a real difference that I am noticing? In the end, I guess if you think or feel there is and you perceive it is beneficial to your game, I guess it is.



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I've played with a couple of early Predators, the hit feel was a lot better. Can't say for how they are in LD properties, but hit, early Predators better than newer ones. Feel more like a solid maple cue and don't deaden the hit by the time it reaches your hand.