Predator 3K-5 Shooter, Breaker & Jump Matching Set

Manning Cues

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Hi guys, This is a matching set and would be a great set to own.
Please email: if interested or call 519-630-8705:thumbup:


Predator 3K-5 Shooter with z shaft or 314 shaft (your Choice)
Predator 3K-5 Breaker with Break Shaft and tip.
Predator 3K-5 Custom made Jump Cue.
All 3 cues have joint protectors.

Both Predator 3K-5 shooter and breaker are Leather Wrapped.
All 3 cues will be sold as a set asking $1,600 Shipped anywhere in USA or Canada including insurance and Tracking #.

Condidtion of the cues:
Shooter: A few minor nicks in the butt sleeve
Breaker: A visible nick on the forarm, few nicks in but sleeve, but cap is cracked.
Jumper: Great Condition.

Also included will be this 4B/8S case.