Predator Arena Light & Diamond Table question


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Wondering which finish on the Pred Arena Light is better matched with a black Diamond table, Matte Black or Brushed Aluminum?



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Just my .02 but I like the diamond LED light it matches the table nice and I like the old school look. It's got a groove around the whole light I slid my mechanics card up there and a picture of late my grandfather next to where I break for good luck. Too each their own though if you like the look of the arena's. For a diamond my vote is black for the light I think a chrome one would match up better aesthetically speaking with a rasson that has some chrome bits. No chrome on a diamond which is as it should be imo.


I have a black Diamond Pro Am with a black Predator Arena light. Looks great. Our ceiling color is also black so the color of the light was an easy choice. If our ceiling was white, for example, I may have considered the brushed aluminum. I do like the looks of the white light (I guess that is the brushed aluminum) at