Predator P2 (First Edition)


Looking for some information on my Predator P2 butt.

As I understand, these were introduced in 2000 and some people still say these are the best hitting predator butts out there.

What is interesting is that there is NO metallic finish in the butt, is this a first edition?
It is recently refinished, new wrap and minimal damage to the butt.

What are these going for? Any kind of information on the butt is greatly appreciated, thank you!


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Hate to burst your bubble, but the very first P2's to come out did not have serial numbers. They actually just had "Predator 2" etched into the metal butt caps. Additionally, they came with the first gen shafts. On top of all that the very first ones only came in the metallic black coat.

It looks like yours may have come out around the time they stopped offering the metallic glittery paint and started serializing their cues (~2004). Honestly, these are great cues but they are close to 15+ years old now. Looking maybe around $300 in good condition.

I have a P2 that I mentioned above and bought it for $500 like 7-8 years ago on this site, but if I sold it $300 is probably fair. I'll send a pic to you if I can remember. Having said all this I have contacted predator about a refinish and they themselves have told me that they don't offer that paint type anymore and even admitted to me that their systems at the time didn't really have any serialization (not the best) and doubt they could trace back manufacturing dates.
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Thank you for your reply,

No worries, I was just looking for more information on it as I got it for a decent price. I love how it plays and will be using it for years to come. The paint is in good condition and leather wrap is allmost new. Paired it with a friends Revo and liked it even more than his P3+Revo.



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I've had several. They play well but not any better than other Predators. I think the feel part is more in the shaft than the butt. That said, I should have kept the first one I had and stopped right there :)