Prefered taper length?

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Do most of you players prefer a longer taper like that of "Meucci, Cuetec and Falcon.
Or stiffer tapers from Mcdermott, Schon.

What is considered average 10"-12" for standard and 14" - 15" for longer pro taper?

Any advantages to longer taper other than comfort for a longer stroking closed bridge?

Does the longer taper or flexable shaft give you more english or juice on the cueball?
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For me, it's all what you get used to.
I've either owned, or shot with, all the cues you mentioned (and a bunch more), and, tho they're all different, it's slight, and you adapt pretty quickly.

There's no standard taper, just what each maker uses.

Shaft taper has much less effect on ball spin than does shaft diameter and tip radius.