prize money distribution and KOTH


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I believe that the prize money in the current world open is structured in such a way that whoever wins this tourny will be top money winner for the year no matter what. This will guarantee that the winner on Sunday will automatically win a bye into the finals of the next KOTH tourny. Therefore, whoever wins the $500,000 on Sunday is assured of no worse than a 2nd place finish in the KOTH, and at least another $100,000, making Sunday's final actually worth at least $600,000 to the winner.

Does anyone else think the prize money should be distributed more evenly, so that a win on Sunday doesn't automatically make the winner top money winner for the year and seeded directly into the final match of the king of the hill?

Or, if KT wants to pay the winner so much more than 2nd place, perhaps there could be some other way to determine the bye into the KOTH finals instead of top money winner, since top money winner will automatically be whoever wins on Sunday. What do you think of a point system where 1st place gets 100 points, 2nd place 75, 3rd place 60, etc., with total point leader getting the bye into KOTH finals? This way someone who finishes in the top few positions in all of the tournies for the year has a chance to get the bye in the KOTH over someone who wins this weekend's tournament but doesn't win a singe match the rest of the year.

Anyone else agree that winning one tournament shouldn't guarantee a place in the KOTH finals?