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I recently became the happy owner of a GTF 1 x 2. From all that can be presently determined this case is as good or better than any other case I own. Just one small issue: is there a correct way to load this beauty and if so, how?

From the AZB Archives, I have identified two schools of thought on this matter. Both methods being advanced by members held in the highest esteem, I have with withheld their names lest one suffer the ignominy of being publicly proven in error on such a grave matter. Please note that all methods thusfar obtained place the shafts in the outer compartments, while the butt occupies the center space. The first school of thought is butt first, joint up, followed by 2 shafts, tips down. (Using this method, I experienced occasional contact between the shafts and butt,) The second method is 2 shafts, tips up, followed by the butt joint down. (I experiemce no inadvertant contact using this approach.)
Please let me know if you know of any other method. Also, your input on these two methods is both requested and welcomed.
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I've been loading mine butt in the middle with shafts on either side. It's a tight fit; have to remove a shaft in order to remove the butt.

Butt is joint up for me, and shafts are tips down.


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I bought a GTF 2X4 and I have viewed the video of how it should be loaded/unloaded- it really does not work well as a 2X4 - just way too tight in every respect - so I use it as a 1 X2 only - it is a very nice looking case, very well constructed; but in my own personal view- very flawed in that if you have to watch videos to figure out how to use a cue case- that is a problem. No matter what iIdo- it does not function well as a 2 X4 .

Maybe your 1X2 has the same issues in tightness and really should only be used "practically" as a 1X1.

Folks, I am talking practicality here- I cannot even ever imagine taking my 2X4 GTF case to a pool tournament- loaded as a 2X4 and struggling to load and unload that case all day long at a tournament for each match. it is a show case or a 1X2 and that is it!

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Using the "second method" (shafts first with tips up/butt last with joint down) works for me -- no contact and when removing the cue, the butt comes out first. The only drawback is the lack of a handle or strap, but the GTF does the job for an afternoon out,. The bottom line was that I needed a lightweight alternative to my 3x5 StrokeSport and now I have it.

Do the Fellini and other like cases also have issues with fit?


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I bought a 2x4 GTF case a few months ago to replace an aging 2x4 It's George case. The guy I bought it from suggested loading it up with 4 shafts and 2 fat butts to compress the padding. I started out by loading it up with 4 narrow dowels and 2 fat dowels (I think they were from old snow shovels). I left it like this for a couple of months. Then I loaded it up with 4 shafts (tips up) and 2 butts (joint down). This seems to be working. I think at worst I will have a usable 2x3 case. That said, I will probably still use the It's George case most of the time. I wish someone would make cases like the old It's George cases. They are the best.