Question about Table Length Draw



I noticed a post about how to draw the ball the length of the table, and whether or not to jack up. I wonder if I'm missing something, but here is what I think:

If you jack up, you jump the cue ball. Period. If you hit below center, you jump the ball with backspin. If you just jack up a little, you only jump a little. Because the ball is airborne for part of its journey to the object ball, it does not loose spin as a result of friction with the cloth. Therefore, in theory, you should be able to draw the ball quite a long way by jacking up (at the cost of accuracy and simplicity).

Now, is there anyone claiming that you can't draw the ball the legth of the table with a nice level stroke? For example, this shot:


Also, could someone please post the Corey Deuell shot people were talking about. Or, say, the jacked up draw shot Fast Larry and others were talking about?

Also, does anyone have any experience with this draw shot:


Maybe its not a good diagram, but hopefully you get the idea. The cue ball is anywhere behind the headstring, and the object ball is on the foot spot. You draw into the side rail, and the draw is still pulling the ball back after it hits the rail, so you get position on the 9 ball. I first saw it on video on this website:

look at the one called "spot shot draw"

Hope I get some info from someone.