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I've had my Diamond professional 3 years now and like most all know, pocketing the balls became tougher as time went on. While I realize that's just the way it is and if the ball is hit right it will go in, I also realized that when I played on other diamonds, even ones where the cloth wasn't new, the balls seemed to drop easier.
A friend who we take turns playing at each other's houses gave me a can of Quick-clean to try. I take care of my table and vacuum every 2 to 3 days, also clean the balls every three weeks or so and didn't see a problem with it being clean but said thanks and I would try it.
Quite honestly I was too scared to try it but the other day after rattling a couple balls I felt should drop, I decided to try it.
I knew I had a yellow build up of ball cleaner at the pockets, especially the corner pockets, to the point of it actually being sticky if you ran your fingernail across it. I sprayed some quick clean on a cloth and scrubed the down angles in the corners and scrubed the rails. I did this multiple times in the corners and while it's not totally cleaned up, it's almost like new. Also cleaned up the areas where balls left tracks along the rails.
So the next day I played some, and balls were dropping like they should, and like other diamonds I play on. This stuff really worked for me in how I used it. Highly recommended. Now I just need to find a better ball cleaner than the Arimith cleaner I have been using. I will probably try some of that Tiger stuff that some recommend.


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