Rasson Victory 2 question...


Sorry to hear this. Most mechanics are 85-90%r's. These guys for sales and service are 10-15%r's. Hopefully your review saves the next buyer. Let Rasson know about this also...see if they give a rat's behind.
Yeah, I will send the review on over to them and include some more of the finer details that they messed up on. 👍



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I had ordered the table for Tat Biliard, in Romania and was delivered to Athens, Greece (late). I was actually reffered to them directly by Rasson. Because of the such horrible service, I wanted to share part of my review here, just so fellow members contemplating their services....know what's up.

Again, just my review of my personal experience with them. Buying a new pooltable should be a super happy experience....like 10 Christmases and birthdays all wrapped into one. Not here.


Completely disgusted with the entire transaction, from the very start to finish. And unlike the advertisement, nobody speaks English so placing the order was like pulling teeth. As for shipping, as the "manager" who claims she doesn't know Excel, forgot to add the shipping fee, even though it's clearly on the invoice! Sheer unprofessional and disgusted with the service. Offered to pay half the 600 since they made an error....nope. AND THIS WAS AFTER I PAID THEM. They found another buyer willing to pay more.

Explained why this is ethically wrong on so many levels, they didn't care. After the table was eventually delivered, they messed up lining the rails with Simonis as there is debris between the cushion and cloth. Great. I was told "sorry" 100X. Asked for a gesture of good will and was offered a practice ball? I spent close to 7,000 on the table, they made sooo many mistakes, and they offered a practice ball?? Really? Was offered to speak to the owner, but....wouldn't help as he can't speak English either and changed his mind as "he feels embarrassed". I can not believe a business like this.....is still in business.


I am being very modest in my review, Alex tried to be nice....but has absolutely no idea how to conduct business....much like the "manager" who can't understand Excel. I have proof of invoices and emails that these clowns have no business, being in business. Go to Billiard Beckman instead, where I should have gone in the first place. The fraction more would have been worth it.


If you need a good table mechanic contact iQ cues. He makes great cues and i'm sure he knows who does good work. http://iqcues.gr/?fbclid=IwAR3eQ7SixmEByvCOHhkaCpp80XY3Ubzt7IfMIG9vfMfjevnmI39wF_u5gZ8