Refelt and bumper a table

I'm looking for what it will cost and to find someone near kirkman Iowa that is good at refelting a 7 ft AMF playmaster table. I have all the supplies and considered doing it myself but thinking it might be better for a pro to do it. I have bought 8ft simmons 860 cloth. Pro series k66 bumpers, iszy 3.2mm faceings. A leveling kit that has some wedges beeswax and rubber pad that go under the legs,. Contact cement,. Thinking about ordering a arasmith red dot ball as well so it would be less likely to get any ball burns, would buy to whole set but kinda running out of money expecally for $400 set of balls when mine are not worn out I mean there getting close but money getting tight. Also need 1 good cue or my Viking repair, it needs a new furrele