Removable Inserts from JB Cases


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AJohn Barton has used his “REMOVABLE INTERIORs” on his leather cases
To see the (RI) watch Mr. Barton pull out a RI from a leather case in this You Tube video at MINUTE 8:20.

I am looking forward to seeing them on his rugged cases.

I seek comments by those who have a leather case from JB Cases and from those who wish to see the RIs on the JB RUGGED cases.


See the video;
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Published on Nov 21, 2013
Mr. Barton says that the RUGGED style case does not come with removable interior, but he then says,
“However, on request, we can also make this case (with the RUGGED style in hand) with the removable interior, so that’s what custom is all about.”
Minute 01:50
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We are now doing removable interiors for the Ruggeds.


I don't recommend that people try to remove and reinstall them until I have done an instructional video showing them the best way to do so. They are not easy to put back in with the zipper top style Rugged.

Any newly made Rugged will have the removable interior though.