Removing ballpoint pen marks from Simonis cloth


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Has anyone effectively removed ballpoint pen stains from Simonis 860?

Chemistry web says to use isopropanol, shaving cream, hair spray (dicey) and or carpet stain remover.

I am looking for an answer from someone who has experience removing this type of stain. The writing stain is not too heavy but it is still there.

Thanks for the help.


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It's good to see you posting, Joe.

And it'd nice to hear the story of why the cloth has ink on it...
..was he using write english?


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Well .... we have a fellow in our room who has a few emotional problems. He is 50 or so and probably has an attention disorder and is hyperactive among other things. He has not been doing too well learning to play pool but has kept at it for a few months.'

Two of us have been helping him quite a bit including playing for an hour or so each night. Anyway My buddy told him not to drop the balls on the table from a foot or so off the table. Then my buddy left and went home.

For some reason the guy wrote in ball point pen, "Do not drop balls on the table."

I don't think he was being vicious. I think he was writing a reminder so he would not forget. The writing is actually light but the words are clearly visible. When he was asked if he did it, he of course denied.

I haven't seen him in a week or so and we are left with the marks. Such is life.

BTW, Thanks Takeitdown for the isopropyl suggestion. I will try it tomorrow.
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