Replacing Threaded Ferrule Question


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So, if I'm replacing a threaded ferule do you...

1 - Turn down the tenon to the proper size and run a threading die over the existing threads, and use a bunch of epoxy on the new threaded ferrule to fill the voids?

2 - Remove the old tenon all together, drill the shaft for a replacement dowel, thread it, and place the new ferrule?

3- Turn down the existing tenon to past the existing threads, make a new ferrule from solid rod and slip-fit it?

4- Something else?


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It all depends on how the old ferrule was removed and the condition of the threads.

Mike Rys

Blind Owl
Remove the tip. If the ferrule is capped, trim it down until the top of the tenon shows. With your lathe in reverse, use a thick piece of leather to pinch down on the ferrule. Be careful as the ferrule is going to get very hot. Thermoset ferrules may begin to deform. The intention is to re-activate the glue. Use pliers to see if the ferrule will unthread. Some ferrules are ribbed and hammered on and will not unthread. Check whether the ferrule can be pulled straight off. Repeat until the glue releases. Use a pick to clean up the threads while the glue is soft. If all goes well, the threaded tenon may be reused.

Kim Bye

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There's many different tennon designs, so if the tennon is in good shape, I generally try to work with what's there, that often involves chasing the threads that's allready there.
Sometimes I have to replace the tennon, that gives me more options and unless the customer is super picky about a special way to do it, I usually keep whatever diameter the original tennon was and thread it 18TPI.