repost from 14.1 forum! My new high run!!!


Hittin' the tables!!
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Well i finally got some table time tonight!!! I am still a little sick but i needed to get out of this house and play some 14.1!!

Here i am 10:30 at night on a Thursday, My white shirt now blue from chalk after a 4 hour session,and a new HIGH RUN woooohooo!!!

My high run no longer stands at is now 21!!! yay! I owe a huge help to my hubby Steve for it too! I left myself on the rail for my break shot and somehow hit the ball wrong and the cue went AROUND the rack instead of INTO the rack!! Grrrr.
I am now left with a full rack on the table, not a ball touched!!

So after a few minutes of staring at the rack i see a hand waving at my face ( i had my headphones on lol) There is my hubby ready to help! He showed me what kind of english to put on the cue ball witch inturn would transfer to the object ball making it bank into the side pocket.

After a minute of looking, readjusting, and finally feeling confident i hit the rack and POW ball goes in!! wooohooo! there is my 16th ball! The rest of the balls i did hit a bit sloppy, i think i was just happy and excited of how i did up to that point and kind of distracted myself lol

When i finally missed and counted i had 21 balls total!! I am very proud of how i shot tonight and am SOOOO glad Steve was there to help me!

I am getting closer and closer to my goal for 2010 and that is to run 2 full racks!!

here is a table layout Steve made so you can understand the shot better!!