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Well, after disassembling my table in May of 2018 and embarking on a torturous and lengthy home build that almost torpedoed my marriage, and despite additional delays in finding a reliable crew to bring us through the homestretch during the COVID era, I am super close to getting my 9' Diamond set back up again in the holy of holies, my new man cave, tentative install date 11/1.

I've not played any meaningful pool in 2 years and have not held a cue since February of this year. In fact, I need to remember where my pool cue even is, LOL. Once the cool season approaches, I won't have much to do (relative to summer lol) on our 20 acres outside, so pool time it is. I think I might just hit it pretty hard for the fun of it. Don't really plan on playing any tournies, but maybe some 14.1 might be fun to do alone when bored. I've run 50+ a coupla times and thought the next logical milestone would be to try for 75. How to best to go about it? I don't really play 14.1, but I do have Phil Chapelle's Play Your Best Straight Pool. I used to have Schmidt's 14.1 DVD, but that got lost in the move. Any suggestions or inspirations as I ponder my quest?

It will still be a few months off, but my mind is starting to wander back to the pool room.



Edit: prolly should have posted this in the 14.1 subforum, but since it's in the main forum, might as well talk about a general pool skill primer as well as I get back into the swing of things, thanks
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Not sure my advice would help you towards 75, just wanted to congratulate you on getting close to the end of your new home / new man cave journey, and thanks for keeping us in the loop. Enjoy !



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i got also some 14.1 stuff in my channel.
2019 summer i livestreamed: How to run racks in 14.1. came up with 103 run while i talk instructional stuff also. First i talk about half ball hit stuff in aiming then i start run around 9:20 on video. My English not perfect but still i think it is good enough for that. :)
P.s a lot of small tips for speed control etc. here and there middle of run.


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Thanks guys. I'll share pics of the room as it progresses. Gonna trim out the windows and doors with oak and cherry and pondering reclaimed pine barn wood on the concrete wall with HVAC soffet. Maybe throw in a mural down there too, as my wife is an artist. This should be a fun winter...