Review - Royal Pro Pool cloth


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Last night I played on a table newly covered with "Royal Pro Pool" cloth. The place has 3-cushion tables, some have been covered with their carom cloth, but the RP site doesn't show the pool cloth yet, a new product.
- Other tables were re-covered with Simonis 860 (not HR) at the same time; compared to those, the RP cloth felt thinner, and had significantly more slide before spin would take. Not a ton, but I had to be more careful than I would on new 860.
- It was also noticeably faster than new 860. Not so much as I'd avoid playing on it, but I did have to account for the extra speed, in my match. I've never played on 760, so I can't comment on its similarity in behavior to that.
- The biggest difference IMO: the RP Tournament Blue, almost new, had way more white marks than the blue 860 tables, and they've all been getting about the same use, maybe even less than the 860 tables.
- My match went 13 racks, and once I accounted for the extra slide and speed, I did fine and I wouldn't mind playing on those two tables again.
RP carom cloth is advertised as longer life because of being all-synthetic. If the pool cloth is also wool-free, it will be interesting to see how it holds up after some use, and how the color might change from all those white marks.