REVO shafts new batch ??

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Just wait for the new Mezz C.F. shaft.

...or the cuetec in December... or the Jacoby in April.

When I was looking for a Revo, I spoke with Pred. They werent done in a batch, they are constantly being made and sent to dealers and retailers. My recommendation is to regularly check the major online billiard supply retailers (Seyberts, Pooldawg, Omega, etc) and get on any wait lists you can.

When I got mine, I got on a few wait lists but happened to check pooldawg that morning and the had the size and joint I wanted and that was it. They had no other joint types or sizes (just the 12.9 with uniloc). About 20mins after I ordered it they were sold out again.

So retailers are getting them but what I assume is in small quantity. Just have to keep checking with them and get on whatever wait lists you can. I got mine brand new last week, so production is still happening for them.