Rick Howard


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Wrapless Rick Howard up for sale. 3 high cocobolo/3 low ebony points with BE maple handle and rings in all positions. Cue is in good condition with a minor nick (finish only) in the ebony butt section and some very minor finish shrinkage. It doesn’t bother me but you CAN feel it. 58” 16.2 oz butt. Shaft 1 is 13mm weighs 3.75 oz with what I believe to be a G2 tip. Shaft 2 is 12.9 mm and weighs 3.35 oz with a Kamui brown soft. Both have very minor taper roll but neither leave the table. $850 shipped. PayPal gift or buyer pays fees. IMG_0268.JPGIMG_0269.JPGIMG_0270.JPGIMG_0271.JPGIMG_0272.JPG

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