RIP Tim Scruggs


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I read on another forum that Tim Scruggs has passed. Can anyone else confirm this?

I'm guessing this was part of Tim's decision to retire, a few years ago.




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There's a thread on the first page of this section explaining that Tim did indeed pass away....last night.

Jamie Beaulieu

I met with Bob Frey today at his new shop and he said Timmy had cancer and lost his fight the other night. We sat around for a few hours telling Timmy stories. Bob and Timmy were friends since they were 6 years old. Bob said Timmy taught him everything he knows about cue making. Timmy was always good to me. I worked at the local pool hall and didnt make much. Timmy never would take a dime from me when I went to his shop to have a new tip put on, I offered every time but Timmy would just rack up the balls and play a game with me with his big smile on his face, he will be missed. Few guys left like Timmy was, God rest his soul!