Scored a Sport King

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Found this one on CL and the price was right so I figured I'd check it out. I'm closing on a house later this month with a sizable basement. I'm on short cash with the closing so whatever I found would have to not need a ton of work or not be too much $$. For what I got, I think I did pretty well.

Sorry for the crappy pics, they'll be better ones at some point.









It's a 9 footer and has never seen a poolroom. It was in a Methodist church before the person I got it from bought it about 15 years ago. Overall it's in really good shape. The legs are almost perfect with very little wood damage. The skirts have some small dents but again, wood is great. Ball box has some minor wear. Rails are unfortunately Formica but it's in likewise great shape... Even the rubber still feels great. I don't think the rails have ever been recovered. Looking at the slate backing, it doesn't look like the table's been recovered more than a few times.

When things settle down a little more for me, I'm going to sand and paint the legs, frame and skirts and polish up the metal. Any suggestions on which stains best match the formica rails? Also the skirts are not particle board but I'm not sure what kind of wood.... poplar maybe?

So light, table, house cues, cheap balls, brush and cover.... $400. How'd I do?

Mr Gregory, I'll be enlisting your services again in the next few months.

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$400? I think you did great!

Looks to be a few years older than mine, I think the Brunswick stickman logo started in '64.

Diluted Simple Green does a nice job cleaning up the legs and other painted areas on the frame. And the tuscan red & cream will grow on you.

Enjoy. They really are solid tables when properly set up.


Really clean Sport King

Man, that is a really clean Sport King. I would re-think sanding and painting as it is almost perfect as is. Might be cooler just to touch up here and there and save that original finish. Kerry

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Think I'll take your advice and see how she cleans up. I'll bet once it's cleaner, it'll look a whole lot better.


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That's a sweet table at an even sweeter price! My advice though, would be to go ahead and re-finish the wood while you have the time. Once you close, you'll be in a hurry to get the table set up.

While all pool players appreciate the "character" that old tables have, you need to remember that this table will not be in a pool hall, it will be in your home. It might look great to you with it's dings, scratches, and other story telling wounds but probably not so much to your wife, guests, etc.,.

I was in the exact same boat as you a few months ago. Picked up a Gold Crown that was in overall "good" shape about 2 months before my new house was supposed to be done. At first, I planned to set it up at the new place in "as is" condition (including the pool hall table # decal). After looking over it a few more times, I decided that I didn't want a scuffed, scratched, dinged up table in my brand new basement.

I'd never done any wood refinishing in my life so I looked around on the interwebz a bit, then grabbed sandpaper, 0000 steel wool, stain, and poly. Had probably 30 hours in refinishing the aprons and ball box but it looks wonderful. Also, that 30 hours could have easily been 15 had I had a proper work area and even a tiny bit of experience.


Great table do what makes you happy

I scored one of these as well, not bragging but for free!! Anyway I painted the dog poop legs and urine skirts a nice semi gloss black with clear over it I stained the ball box mahogany. Cleaned the original rails really well and applied glycerin (drugstore) I double shimmed the pockets (I know people have opinions on this). Simonis 860 and centennial balls. My brother has a gc3 and he loves my table more!! All of this advice I got on this site. Plus i buffed out the aluminum cast pockets and steel corners. I have pics in previous posts. Anyway it's your table, it's a tank and enjoy- Shawn