Scott Erwin purpleheart break cue


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I received the cue about 3-4 weeks ago and have now tested it both during practice and competition.

My first impression was what a nice cue. It is a plane jane with nice ringwork and textured leather wrap.

The purpleheart shaft is heavy, about 5oz and very stiff. It came with a white diamond tip. I prefer leather tips (like Samsare j/b tip) on break cues as well, but I left the white diamond on for a while before I installed a water buffalo tip. With the new tip the cue became a monster:), not as hard as white diamond, phenolic or G10, but you get more precision and english and in my opinion a greater feedback. If/ when I decide to change tip, the next tip to try on this cue would be samsara or tiger j/b tip. With the wb tip, the cue is also quite usable as a player, though a bit strange with the heavy and stiff purpleheart:)

The cue is a quality product. It is my first cue from Scott, but I have several cues made by Mike (and Scott).

Thanks for a nice and well hitting cue!!

Pics of cue before it was shipped:


-Jon Birger