Selling the last of my cues for cheap.


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I am selling three dennis searing cues a fancy showman and a signed killer southwest. I however will not post pics of any cues if ur a seruous buyer and have the cash to buy one of these cues then i will send u pics im tired of trying to sell cues on here and everyone wants to do a trade or something else that doesnt make no sense at all. Im not looking for any more cues so it will be cash only on these cues that im selling.
My cell phone number is 561 693 8153 call me anytime and i will gladly answer any questions im not by my computer all day so the phone is the best way to get a hold of me. Prices are as follows.
showman fanciest one ever you ready for this price nope sorry u have to call me for that one im selling that cue so damn low that when someone want to rebuy it the person who bought it from me is stealling thats how low im letting this cue go for. So if ur interested in buying my showman calllllllll meeeeeee asap and the jerry franklin signed killer cue 2500 thats a steel. With two shafts from searing and 4 original from jerry
thanks sorry couldnt put any pics but i never get any where that way i want to make it more personal this time please call me only if ur a serious buyer or pm, me ok thanks again.
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