Shaft Taper...

How important is a shaft?

  • Taper

    Votes: 15 48.4%
  • Diameter

    Votes: 3 9.7%
  • Ferrule

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Tip

    Votes: 13 41.9%

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Boy Don you need HELP! Anything I have said here I would say to ya face. And as for ya better keep him from getting the asswhoopin you need. I will see if my grandpaw wants to slap ya around. LMAO! What was it that got ya all wound up? You appologized awhile back and agreed to mind your own what's UP!
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in my opinion from doin many years of cue work and building a few cues and the fact i have been to several shops.....i think another important factor with all the materials being the same will be the construction technique used by any given cuemaker........never forget materials are gonna be exactly the same but in a perfect world no one cue maker could build an exact cue in all the aspects you have discussed.......have a nice day...RACKEM TIGHT &HITEM HARD.....juston coleman


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After building cues as long as I have, I have my own opinion, on the above post,

The tip is very important, it is after all, it's how we direct the cue ball. The shaft is very important, but it's not in second place.
The BUTT, and it's joint [configuration] flat face wood to wood, Ivory, steel, make a great deal of differance in all cues.
The butt needs to be felixable, at the joint. Not to what most would think. Just enough to help take some of the shock wave coming from the tip.

For drawing your ball, [most like to draw hell out of it] It's not nessesary to draw as much as most think. If you will notice the more advanced player, goes aruond the table without much draw, or forced draw. With a longer, [and so called straight taper] ,it's much easier to draw the ball, and harder to use top english. because of the shaft flexing. With a stiffer shaft, [straight pool taper] , it's much harder to draw or get around table.

So, the shaft comes in 3rd place. It needs to be dence, yet have some flex.

The weight and balance [my cues] is coming from the front, handle, butt and then the shaft. Yes, the shaft. Most cues going to about, 19oz's, the butt weights in around15.7 oz's...Now I try to find a shaft [or shafts]with many growth rings, that will weight out at 3.3, to get my finished weight of 19-OZ"S.......All parts of the cue, comes into to play with weight and balance.

I, weigh and balance my cues acording to the woods weights. I do not "USE" weight bolts. By changing the weight bolt of a cue already built, you change the HIT and also change the balance of the cue. I don't believe this to be, custom cuemaking.....A good cuemaker can hit the nail on the head., and come with both weight and balance point................................

A few month's ago, a "so called top cuemaker" [been in the busisness about 8 to 10 years] called to shoot the bull, he ask what was I doing?

I told him, I was weighing shafts so i could match the cues weight for the owner, so the cue would weigh the same with one shaft at 13MM, and the other one at 12.5MM and the cue would weigh 19.2 using either shaft

His reply was, I would not waist my time for a pool player. Just build two shafts and let it go. PLEASE

CUEMAKER MY ASS.....................
sorry about that, but it really pisses me off for a so called, speak like that. He's only in it for the money.

OK, I like the money also, however, i love bulding cues.

With his kind of an attitude, how can we ever convince folks to buy from good cuemakers, not just wanta-bee's.......

That's what is wrong with this busisness, to many who claim to be cuemakers, and get by with pure bull crap.....................

To Joseph cues, I sent you an e-mail asking if you build cues? You have not replyed. Do you sell cues or collect them or just talk about them.

BTW, Jimmy Wetch, is switching from Schon, to BLUDWORTH. Just for your information, sir........

To Don Purdy, your right with your post. You laid it out from tips to whatevers. Keep it up, pal.


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hey blud......did you get my email......i was just hoping all is well with you and the family and was wanting to check on the progress of the cue we talked to you soon....take care and hows the new organization coming along? juston coleman


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cue went out today. The new Org. is here but no time to do much at this writting. I will keep all posted when things start happening.

Joseph Cues

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pooltablemech said:
Way to kill a thread!
OK, I'll delete my previous post.:D
Somehow, some threads end up in pizzing contest, infomercials and resume posting.:p
Let me add desparaging other un-named cuemakers.:D
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I know.......I have avoid these OLD guys here as long as possible.....but they still come looking for trouble. So.......that's what they will get if they keep it up!


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My reply was to Banker Burt, and was not meant to kill this thread, as you say PTM.[BTW, it didn't die]...

[I assume your thread was directed to me]?

This is by the way, is a free speach forum. I have been the only cuemaker who has responded to Banker Burt's questions..

I don't knock folks who try to help others.

Joseph cues, BTW, my thread was none of what you named, sir.
I don't need to post, infomericals and or resume post about me. I just stated my opinion.
If you were a qualified cuemaker, you would understand what I have written.

Beings your not, you don't understand what I have written, and have no reply, so therefore, your only come back is to change the subject, and duck.

Isn't this thread still up and running? Did it die????

We know know everything.......everyone else is wrong....yada yada yada. Your buddy Don seems to feel I have offended him to the point of flying here with his son to beat me up. And yet again I have done NOTHING. Start back at the beginning of this thread and you will see what I mean. Didn't mean to involve you in this, but Don seems to feel I said something wrong. And since he pulled the beat you up card...I group you 2 together. You and I have avoided each other, and stayed out of each others way............but Don feels like running his mouth because I like Schons. That is his fkin problem! No need for him to mouth off yet again.

Joseph Cues

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There are numerous postings on this forum, invaluable to the pool player. With this said, I would like to hear opinions about shaft taper, tip diameter, ferrules and tips (parts of the shaft only).
I opined my view on shaft's taper.
But somehow this thread became a; pizzing contest, pizzing contest and resume posting/competitor desparaging, pompostous views/opinions, cue contruction lessons etc.:D :D :D
Great comedy.
Hey, I have a friend who has 80+ cues and thinks his Scruggs sneaky is one of the best cues he has. He had the shaft's taper copied. Sorry, if I'm plugging Scruggs. Not that he needs any more business.:p
Btw, if you guys happen to have a Hagancue laying around and you'd like to get rid of it quick pm me.
Back to the original question, I like my taper like the Schon's medium stiff taper (imo), I like a medium hard Moori, 12.75 and I won't mention the ferrule because it's a brand I had some hand in the creation.
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Like I said.......thread killer. The topic was a question asked which one....OF THE 4 more important.....TO YOU! Not what ever this thread turned into. If the topic was stuck to......then you answer with one of the 4 choices! NOT!......well....your is the construction of....or it is the what ever. The guy asked for PEOPLES OPINIONS! NOT THE ADVISE OF THE ALLKNOWING MR BLUD! He asked for peoples own personal opinions......yet Don and Blud come in and clear the house like a bad FART! They say what they think and everyone else is to stupid to comment on a subject. Because they haven't made cues for a hundred years.....and they are wrong. THAT'S WHAT I MENT BY THREAD KILLER........YEAH IT IS STILL GOING.......WITH YOU AND DIAPER DON BERATING PEOPLE ONCE AGAIN.


PTM, I never said a word about Schons. You have sent me several e mails calling me an AHOLE, an OLD MAN, and whatever. I didn't say anything about you except thet you don't ever miss an opportunity to try and start shit. Thats true. You are the one with a problem. I have one son who is 34 years old and one who is 27. I am 53. You write a lotta checks with your mouth that your ass can't cash. I will be there, not to whoop your ass, but to meet you and give you a chance to cash out. I make a promise right here and now, every time you call me an AHOLE or other derogotory name, it will cost you one knot on your head. If you stop, everything will be fine. I didn't mean to offend you in the first place. You seem to look for something to be offended by when myself or Blud post. Please stop it. Show us all where I said one word about Schon cues in this thread. Go back and reread it , it ain't there. Please no more filthy emails. Your mouth is offensive.
Actually.........I could careless. You goof balls do nothing but berate people..............I will never respond to your trolling. If I figure out how to block ya I will.


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<Wading into this mess> Actually I like reading posts from people who are in a position to know what they are talking about. Blud and Ted Harris (and many others)_invariably post stuff that is well thought-out and interesting, certainly to a guy (me!) who likes to get his hands on as much info as possible about cues.

While I may disagree with some of their OPINIONS, I will never ever question their professional integrity (at least not until I try out some of their wares! lol).

So, getting back to the original post. IMO, the tip is the most important part. Like tyres on a car, it is the only thing that actually touches the CB at any time. A cue is useless without a good tip, regardless of how everything else is!


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PTM, I do not know everything. I just stated what I know as a good cuemaker. That's all. Some folks have tunnel vision when it come to certain things.

I do my best to help others.

As far as grouping me and Don together, so be it. Your intitled to your opinion.

Were not the same. Just friends. And we are both older than you. This does not make us bad guys, being old. It seems you have trouble with th"old". You will get old some day.

Old, my friend, is not all that bad. Perhaps you sir, should lighten up on "OLD". I hope you live to be old. I also hope no one talks down to you about being old, when you do get old. You wouldn't like it, as we don't.

No need to avoid each other, just respect the other guys writting, without negitive comments.
That's my opionion, sir. [you know everthing was not nessesary, along with, group us together]
Other wise, thanks for your other comments.

Only negitive thing i might of said, was about Joseph cues. He's NO A CUEMAKER. We all figured that one out long ago, from what he writes. He tries to come across as an expert, but it doesn't work. When the heats on, he ducks.

BTW, the table your working on, looks real nice.

Joseph Cues

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blud said:

Only negitive thing i might of said, was about Joseph cues. He's NO A CUEMAKER. We all figured that one out long ago, from what he writes. He tries to come across as an expert, but it doesn't work. When the heats on, he ducks.

BTW, the table your working on, looks real nice.
Blud as usual you make an azzhole of yourself.
Burt asked the posters here what they thought about SHAFTS.
You go on with your Save The World crusade out of bad cues/cuemakers. Desparaging one un-named cuemaker and saying cuemaker my ass.
Blud, you are not a great salesman. Btw, you can't sell more cues by desparaging others and trying to make yourself like the best cuemaker in the world because you are not.
Don't go on a pizzing contest with me because you have a lot more to lose.
And stop PM'ng me. I am not buying any of your over priced equipment or cues. If I want to buy cueamaking equipment, I know where to go. You have a short memory. Try to save your PM's.
If I made cues, I wouldn't buy your CNC equipment. There are too many cues out there that look like they want to be Congnoscenti already.


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In the defence of my "OLD" friend, DON PURDY, he's not as old as me, but old and a good friend.

I would have no trouble being back to back with him in a fox hole. You on the other hand, might be alone...........

PTM, you should look back at your attitude within your writtings, about how you talk down to older people.

It's not nessesary, but you do it over and again. Iam old, he's an old man, and so on.. What in the world is your problem with older folks.

Does this make you a proud man to talk down to others?

Do you also show that much dis-respect to your father and mother?

Do you get off to degrading us because were older than you?

Just because were older than you, it gives you no right to degrade us.

For the most part, older folks are wiser folks.

Perhaps sir, you should try and show older folks the respect they are due.

BTW, do you de-grade your parents, refering to them as OLD?

My thread above this one, was posted before I read your post.
I think your the one who has trouble with everyone who is older than you. THINK ABOUT IT.

No it just seems you talk down to everybody......but me and Don have mended fences. I agree I have said some things wrong as have others. I will agree to stop bother you if you do the same. I am done bickering over stuff that really don't matter. I will stop saying old if you stop listing your credentials at the drop of a hat. lol........I really don't mean any harm!